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the confederacy heats up, mississippi governor haley barbour weighing in saying why should virginia's governor have mentioned slavery in his proclamation? we will talk with historian douglas brink about the real history of the war and why now, many try to rewrite it. >>> keeping them honest, the ten continue family who sent their newly adopted russian child back, putting him on a plane alone and not even telling russian officials he was coming. this 17-year-old justin hanson that we are talking about, there he is, we blurred his image because of his age and the situation he was involved n he was adopted only about six months ago but last week, he showed up, as you probably know, up announced at russia's child protection ministry with a note from his adopted family saying he was violent and the mom was misled by adoption officials in russia. russian officials are furious, threatening to suspend all adoption buys americans. today, tennessee law enforcement officials held a news conference but the truth is as you are going to see, they are having trouble investigating the case because just answer
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virginia, our clergy is our grief counselors. we have, you know, these are tough people and they do it all. i don't know how to explain it. it's so different. the people, they're solid and they're coming together and they understand the depths of this. and family members, i told the family members, i said i know there's no use to tell you this, if you can go home and get some rest, i know they won't but if you need to change your clothes or whatever, you have a lot of information now until we get the first hole through to know what conditions we're dealing with and knowing that the rescue teams can go in or how quickly. so you're looking at maybe 12 plus hours for that. >> are any of the miners who got out still in the hospital? >> two. one in beckly and one in charleston. >> no one has briefed him yet. not that i know of. the only debriefing that's going on and the way that the four miners were identified is local rescuers who knew them. and people said, how come you haven't identified the other 14? there was a total of 18 unidentified. you identified four, why not the other 14? we had
virginia and throughout the country are taught to escape first. they're taught to get out of the mine the way they came in first. they retreat to a chamber or rescue shelter as a last resort. when they have made the determination, if their training has taken, if they have made the determination that they need to go to a shelter, that that's the last place that they would go. a shelter is a sophisticated barricade, in my opinion. >> is there any evidence that leads you believe that anyone is alive? is there any evidence of that? >> we don't have any at this point. we just have hope. >> how far is that refuge chamber from the entrance to the hole? >> do you know? >> it's one inch equals a 500-foot map. i just guesstimated about 8,000 feet. >> so rescuers would have to go in two miles. >> they'll ride in a certain distance. they won't walk in from the outside. we'll get their them in there as quickly as possible for them to get in as far as we can. >>. [ inaudible question ] the debris starts around where the nine miners were on their way out. up to that point we can have access up to th
of new hampshire avenue. northern virginia, a quiet start so far, a you make the trip north of out of fredericksburg to dale city, all travel lanes reported open. >>> a new video shows the brutal beating of a university of maryland student at the hands of police officers. it happened as crowds celebrated a big win for the basketball team last month. now police have suspended one officer and are trying to identify a second to punish. news4's jacky benson has the story. >> we know he's singing a fight song. we know from the other video, he didn't say a word to the officers, they don't give him any orders. and you can see what they do. >> reporter: attorney christopher griffith said these images show what happened to his client, 22-year-old jonathan mckenna. said the injuries required head staples. and prince george's county police the night of march 3rd, when students filled into the downtown college park. both students were charged with assaulting mounted police officers. documents charge that the men struck the officers and the horses, the and that both men were kicked by the horse
and controversial figure. back in 2004, he spent $3 million of his own money to help unseat a west virginia state supreme court justice who had ruled against the company. but those contributions triggered a landmark ruling from the u.s. supreme court when the judge who won that election refused to recuse himself from a lawsuit involving massey. however, when that case went back to the west virginia supreme court, that earlier ruling favoring massey and setting aside a $50 million verdict was upheld. david? >> as we get set to send it over to bob pisani on the floor of the new york stock exchange, will we hit 11,000 today? there is a look at the s&p. everything is looking down just a bit in terms of where we were on fair value. take it away, mr. pisani. >> 27 points. david, we were at, what, 10,700 weeks ago. went up 10% in seven weeks. not bad. april is the best month for the dow. it is not january, february. historically the dow is up about 2% on the month already. we're up 1.1%. we'll get the fomc this afternoon. that might put us over the top, only a matter of time from this point on. big move
rex hello, i am a host of white house chronicles. we have the tragedy at the mine in west virginia which reminds me of my father and the best piece of advice he ever gave me and the only time i ever actually took his advice. i dropped out of high school and went into journalism and was doing okay until it faded and i needed work. i was in what is now zambia and i was offered a job in the mines. it was enormous money at the time because there was a thing called the copper bonus. it was way out of control because of the buildup of defense in the united states and a huge boost of copper. i wrote to my father was not a learned man but could express himself nonetheless with some vigor and said," you don't have to worry about money anymore because i got a job in the copper lines." he wrote me an extraordinary letter with spelling mistakes and said," son, i never really told you to do anything. her mother was upset when you dropped of school but please, do not go down a mine. they are awful places. i have had to work up in the much of my life and i know this. it was a mechanic and did mai
router, and here in their security center in virginia, they monitor about one billion security events every day-- however, about three-quarters of all cyber-attacks come from outside the united states where the u.s. government has no jurisdiction. >> we're not as prepared as we should be. >> reporter: a reality the white house is trying to change. >> we're looking across the spectrum what are the legal frameworks, not only domestically, but internationally. >> reporter: howard schmidt is the nuclear appointed white house cyber-czar. his job is to make america's networks safe against attacks wherever they come from. >> but the key issue that we understand and we're working towards is reducing the vulnerabilities. >> reporter: the government is also quietly hiring hackers to learn their secrets. last month, mudge began working for darpa, the secretive research arm of the department of defense. however, the u.s. is playing catch-up. countries like china and russia have dedicated considerable resources to the cyber-battlefront, while the u.s. has been slow to react. >> so, establish it's
writings appeared in "the new york times" magazine and columbia journalism review. the virginia festival of the book hosted this event. to find out more, visit vabook.org. >>> matthew crawford, would you do for a living? >> in number of things. one of them is fix motorcycles, and that's kind of what the book is about. but more broadly, it is an attempt to speak up for the manual trades and suggest that can be a life worth choosing. >> where is your motorcycle shop? >> it's in richmond, virginia. >> what is it called? >> shockomoto. i work on japanese and british bikes. these are mostly vintage bikes, vintage cache that makes people willing to spend money on them and it's a very small operation. islamic any reason in particular that you don't work on harleys? [laughter] >> yeah, people ask me sometimes why i don't work on harleys, and why generally say is i work on motorcycles, not lifestyles. i'm not qualified to help them with their lifestyle issues, it is beyond my competence. >> what is soulcraft? >> the title on the book is a play on a george will that cannot 20 years ago. his was st
of loving versus virginia, in 1967 amazingly late, 16 states both prohibited and punished marriage across racial lines for the more all the states were required to honor divorces' performed in other states that had a more lenient divorce, residence requirements than their own that was not the case with interracial marriage. so it's the only parallel to the defense of marriage act. states that have always against miscegenation refuse to recognize marriage between blacks and whites legally contract elsewhere and the even crawl lies those marriages. the supreme court case that brought about in overturning of antimiscegenation lobbies, loving versus virginia was such a case. madrid, african-american, and richard lyng, quite got married in washington, d.c. in 1958 but their marriage notice in race, too, d.c. was in the vanguard, this interesting. their marriage, however, was not recognized as legal in their home state of virginia. when they return they were arrested in the middle of the light in their own bedroom with a framed copy of their marriage certificate hanging over their bed and they
-universal television >>> good evening. we begin with a breaking news story out of west virginia where there has been an accident and apparent explosion in a coal mine. getting coal out of the ground is a daily part of life in that part of the country. it appears disaster has struck the mining industry once again. ron allen has been following this story since the first word of possible loss of life and miners trapped underground. >> reporter: it is difficult to tell exactly what has happened. an explosion in a coal mine can be a difficult and deathly situation. 21 miners are unaccounted for. a mine run by the performance coal company. the explosion happened around 3:30 eastern time. emergency crews and state investigators are racing to the scene to figure out exactly what has happened. families of the miners are also certainly hoping for the best possible news and fearing the worst and gathering for word about the situation. coal mines like this one in west virginia tend to be in close-nit communities where generations of families have worked the mines. it is unknown exactly how many are trapped, how
of the hour, we have another fox news alert for you. they are hoping for the very, very best in west virginia this morning where four miners are still missing. crews are drilling bore holes in the mountain trying to ventilate it. get the noxious gases out, holding out hope that four guys are still alive much at least 25 are dead. steve centanni is live in west virginia with the latest. it's a race against time. i understand they have four days worth of oxygen down there and they want to get the bore holes in within the next day. >> that's right. we expect to see some progress on that today. they're drilling the bore holes in a very rough terrain on the side of a mountain really where they had to go in with bulldozers and make a road to make a flat -- platform where they could put the drill rig and drop it down 1100 feet into solid earth way deep into the mine where the miners are trapped. now, we don't know if any of those four unaccounted for are still alive. that's the big question mark. that's where they're dropping the ventilation shafts to clear the air so the crews can go in there. we
of confidence in the police, they say they just need help. >>> thousands of people gathered in west virginia yesterday to pay tribute to 29 coal miners killed in that explosion earlier this month. president obama promised their families that he would honor their sacrifice by improving safety in the mines. rachel martin has more. >> reporter: 29 crosses, 29 lights, commemorating 29 lives lost and remembered. ♪ stand by me >> reporter: both the president and vice president traveled to beckley, west virginia, to pay tribute to the miners lost in the april 5th tragedy. in a community service full of memories and music. ♪ o say can you see >> all that hard work, all that hardship, all the time spent underground, it was all for the families. and so these miners lived as they died. in pursuit of the american dream. >> reporter: hundreds of people have come here looking for words of comfort from the president. mostly they have come to comfort each other and to share their own stories of loss. jean cook lost her nephew adam morgan in the mine and pays tribute to him in her own way. >> how old was
. nicole. >>> in the united states, 25 people have been killed in a blast in west virginia. four people are still unaccounted for and rescue operations have been halted. the blast happened monday afternoon at the upper branch mine. the cause is unknown, but the mine has a history of violations for not properly ventilating highly combustible gas. massey fell more than 5% in after hours trading. >>> the finance chairman will be watching china's currency practices closely in the next week to decide on what legislation congress should pass on the issue. saturday, treshgry secretary timothy geithner delayed that decision on whether or not to actually delay their call on china, manipulating its currency. but baucus is concerned that that decision basically repeats the same failed approach to u.s.-china economic policy. >>> and a big congratulations to the men's university men's basketball team. they held on to beat the butler bulldogs, 61-59 monday night. duke coach mike khechevski led the team. new other than of the new york mets wants to payed 15 million to leave the nets, but coach k says,
into the upper big branch mine of west virginia to recover the bodies of those miners still under ground. federal officials are also arriving today, trying to determine what caused the explosion. this afternoon at 3:30 eastern, joe manchin will call for a moment of silence to remember the 29 men killed in that disaster. >>> there will be no new trial for michael skak l. about a half hour ago, that request was denied. he was deny to 20 years behind prison. he had asked for a new trial after his two friends were implicated in that hearing. >>> outrage is growing over a tennessee mother's decision to back out of an adoption by putting her 7-year-old son on a plane to moscow with a box of crayons and a note reading, i no longer want to parent this child. it could threaten the plans of hundreds of american families who were hoping to welcome russian orphans into their families. ron allen has the story from shelbyville, tennessee. you're there in front of the family home. i assume they haven't come out. >> reporter: they've actually disappeared. no one's seen them for several days and this is a small t
box" and the latest from the massey mine in west virginia where four miners remain missing. >>> good morning. welcome back to squawk here on cnbc. i'm kcarl quintanilla along wit michelle crusoe cabrera and andrew ross sorkin. >>> our top story today, an explosion rimming through a west virginia before mine owned by massey energy. four miners are missing deep journd ground and 25 are dead. federal records show it has three fatalities since 19 the 8. massey is the largest coal producer in central appalachia. we're still waiting for updates from the governor. the mine safety health administration is on-site and we're hoping that at least the four that are missing can be saved. there are air tight chambers within the mine that you can get to. there's oxygen, there's food, you can live for up to four days. but the issue st whether or not they were able to get to those chambers in time. >> historically, a very dangerous job to have. but certainly this will, again, put a laser-like focus on whether or not they're doing enough to be safe there. >> what is the insurance business like, do you
-out" clauses. and virginia has already passed one. because of that, virginia's attorney general-- republican ken cuccinnelli-- has filed a separate lawsuit against the federal government. >> i'm doing exactly what i said i was going to do when i ran for office and i got more votes then anybody running for attorney general in virginia history. people of virginia knew what they where getting when they elected me. >> woodruff: when president lyndon johnson signed medicare into law 45 years ago, it, too, ran into opposition from the states. in some cases, because it required racial integration of publicly funded hospitals. those challenges failed, and many legal scholars say this new batch of state lawsuits will fare no better. and at the white house, presidential aides maintain none of the cases bears any legal merit. >> i think that for many decades, the supreme court has recognized congress authority under the commerce clause to regulate activities relating to interstate commerce. my advice from counsel is that we'll win these, we'll win these lawsuits. >> woodruff: there's also push- back fr
of winning the states they won last time, surprise states, north carolina, virginia, florida. they have a southern strategy. i was talking to dan rather this weekend. he thinks there's a southern strategy afoot in the republican party. they will begin their campaign for 2012 by locking up the solid south again on the right. >> first thing declare confederate heritage month. >> don't mention slavery when do you it. >> it's an effort to solidify the south as your beginning block to bring down obama. take away florida. take away north carolina. take away virginia. move north. >> that's been the republican strategy for a generation. it began with this group, by the way, that first met in 1969. the southern republican leadership conference. that's really where it began with a guy in mississippi named clark reed who is still there and very enthusiastic about the republicans chances this year. >> he's still there? >> very much so. >> a young party. they seem to be the heart of the republican party right now. you throw in ron paul and the libertarians, what a group. thank you for joining us. go
forced to pull out again from the coal mine in west virginia where four miners are missing after that explosion that killed at least 25 people. according to safety officials, the rescue teams were heading to a refuge chamber, where they hoped to find the missing miners, but those rescue operators then discovered signs of fire and smoke in the mines. they were then ordered to retreat immediately. this, by the way, is the third time sense monday that the rescuers have been pulled back because of the dangerous conditions. another story we want to bring to your attention from afghanistan, nato officials confirming that a u.s. air force aircraft has crashed in southeastern afghanistan, killing three service members, as well as one government contractor. they were injured and taken to a military base for treatment. taliban spokesmen claiming the militants shot down the aircraft, but nato is saying only that the crash is under investigation. again, that aircraft killed three service members happening overnight in afghanistan. back to your calls. the focus of the first 45 minutes is on t
me give you a check of the top stories here at cnn. president obama travels to west virginia this weekend to deliver the eulogy at a memorial service for 29 miners killed this month. explosion at the upper big branch mine was the worst u.s. coal mine disaster in four decades. since then mr. billiobama calle more oversight. >>> 8-1 vote, struck down a law banning videos that shows violate to animals. it showed pit bulls attacking other animals. the humane society says it will ask congress to adopt another ban on sale of such videos. >>> kurdistan's president fled the capital after violent protests earlier this month. the president of belarus says he and his family are now under his personal protection. those now in charge in kurdistan says if he returns they'll throw it in jail. >>> coming up, is the worst of the volcanic ash mess over or the volcanic ash mess over or only started? [ male announcer ] competition... >>> parents, check your kids' candy and i putting the word candy in quotes. researchers say your kids can get nicotine poisoning from tobacco products that look lik
front royal, virginia, on the democrat's line. caller: yes. what people need to do is look in the bible and it tells you what is going to happen, ezekiel 38 and 39, it tells you exactly what is going to happen. host: 10 more minutes of your calls. venezuela -- china's $20 billion bolster of chavez. inside i will show you a little bit of the article of where the money is going toward venezuela. china bolsters hugo chavez with a credit of $20 billion -- and a picture of the chinese representative meeting with hugo chavez over the weekend. mr. travis said it will be used for highways and other projects and will be repaid with crude -- mr. chavez said it will be used for highways and other products -- projects. southboro, in massachusetts. peter on the independent line. caller: i don't understand all of the attention that is given to iran, given that iran has never attacked anyone. we overthrew the newly elected government in 1953. we supported iraq in the suit -- in the war against iran and hence we ended up with saddam hussein. yet someone like israel has nuclear weapons has attacked leba
the virginia gold cup races on saturday. should be good weather for that here. we are starting off cool and fresh with sunshine and near 50 in washington. 40s in the suburbs and rural areas. highs should be near 80 and partly cloudy into the mid 80s and warm and humid on sunday. we could get thunderstorms and a slight risk that could be severe sunday late afternoon and evening. lingering showers drying out >> suddenly the favorite is looking like devil may care. how fitting. i can now throw to meredith. >> al, thank you very much. >>> now to florida and the bombshell dropped by governor charlie crist. on thursday the life-long republican announced he's leaving the gop to run independently for the u.s. senate. his decision comes just months after being ripped by fellow conservatives over an embrace with president obama and effectively makes former florida house speaker marco rubio the republican nominee. first we are joined exclusively by governor crist. governor, good morning to you. >> good morning, meredith. >> great to be with you. explain this to me. a few weeks ago you put out a st
in the united states. four others are missing in west virginia. rescue efforts have been suspended. hundreds of anti-government protesters stormed government headquarters. authorities have no clear the building and they freed a regional governor and that is being held there. opposition leaders say that the demonstrators are still in control. it appears to be triggered by high utility prices and this -- dissatisfaction over corruption. there was a video posted on the internet that shows the killing of a group of people by force in fact that three years ago. it shows u.s. helicopter gunships firing on individuals identified by the pilots. there are indications that a van that coming to pick up the wood is fired on as well. " people were killed including two journalists. -- 12 people were killed including two journalists. the bloodiest ever attacked by maoist forces in india. this was in the central state chhattisgarh. she reports now from delhi. >> they are being taken to hospitals after being evaluated by helicopter from the site of the attack. these men were part of the federal paramilitary
the virginia coastline and big expanse in the gulf of mexico and parts of the african ocean. how does that stack up with the promise the president made before he was elected. tom foreman looks back. >> reporter: the presidents plan to open vast new coastal waters for oil and gas exploration in much of the east and south and far north, too, brought immediate fire, even as he insists it fits his strategy to move towards a greener energy supply. >> the only way this transition will succeed is if it strengthens our economy in the short term and the long run, to fail to recognize this reality would be a mistake. >> reporter: keeping them honest, that does not sound like the barack obama from the campaign trail. >> we'll drill here and we'll drill now. now, you can chant. drill, baby drill. >> reporter: back then, he ripped his republican opponents over the emphasis they put on new drilling as a key to energy independence. >> we can't simply pretend as senator mccain does, that we can drill our way out of our problem. >> we can't drill our way out of the problem. >> if we started drilling t
we've seen five young men from virginia turn up in pakistan on their way to the father. we continue to see a trickle of individuals of somali ancestry heading for east africa. so while i think that we are doing well, you know, the nature of the threat is always changing. .. i wondered, you tended to use the word violent extremism, words like islamist never came out of your mouth during your speech. and some people think that the obama administration has turned its back and not taken the war on terrorism, if may use that term, as seriously as the result of the fact that you don't talk about role of islam. reminds me of when rob litak led the way with term rogue state. rogue reg geem. and i helped to do that, too and mind one albright said let's not use that term anymore. is the trace of language a way of communicating to the muslim world, quote on quote, that islam is not the issue even though there are extremists who are muslim? is that the purpose? >> i get this question with every appearance. i think that the best way to put it is that the issues of what constitutes true islam and
effort at the upper big branch mine in raleigh county, west virginia, is complete. overnight crews removed the last nine bodies of the coal miners who died last week in the massive underground blast. investigators will try to determine what sparked that tragedy. later this hour we'll talk to one miner's widow who says she doesn't want her son to follow in her husband's fatal footsteps. >>> one person thought to be lost in a crash in a navy training plane. two other people in the plane died in the crash. investigators are expected to arrive at the scene today. that plane took off from the naval air station in pensacola a florida, on what's believed to be a routine training mission. >>> new division within the ranks of catholic clergymen with one outspoken pastor taking an extreme position regarding the ongoing priest sex abuse scandal. he's suggesting that the pope should step aside. father james cahill in his own words. >> to not have myopic obedience from me like the myopic obedience of soldiers for hitler, and yet this church has remained patently silent about this. the pope shou
at the end of 2009. i had $8 million that we were able to husband after spending on new jersey, virginia and massachusetts. along with 37 other special elections around the country for state legislatures, mayors, offices and the like. so we have managed the money in a way that has allowed to us compete in some races that we otherwise wouldn't have been able to compete in. where we have all begun to put controls in place is on the spending, with respect to the types of events that our finance department has been putting on, where have the white house and both houses in congress. that's no longer the standard that we've been trying to get them to adjust to. a lot of these -- a lot of our donors, major donors are used to a particular type of event. we've been scaling those back. so i think a lot of this has really kind of taken it a lot further down the road and blowing it up larger than it needs to be. at the end of the day, i've raised more money than the democrats in 7 out of 12 months. i carry over the same amount of money as thenc into 2010. we had a very good march. we'll have a very
virginia. the scene of a deadliest u.s. mining disaster in four decades. between will begin probe once the bodies of all miners have been recovered. earlier in the day hundreds of mourners observed a moment of silence at the state capital. a wreath was laid honoring the west virginia miner. now back to on the record. >> greta: president obama and the russian president just signed a new strategic arms reduction treaty. the treaty needs to be ratified by the u.s. senate. >> that going to happen? moments ago lamar alexander went on the record. nice to see you. >> nice to see you greta. >> greta: last week the president was in prague and signed a treaty with the russian president. is it going to be ratified by the u.s. senate this year? no, not this year. this is a step nixon, reagan, first and second bush all have taken us. take us down to 1500 deployed nuclear warheads that ought to be enough to blow everybody to kingdom come if we those to do it. it took a year and a half. we have a lot of questions, we need the right answers then it might get 67 votes. >> greta: i realize you are in th
.s. the two ships involved, the port of their home base is norfolk, virginia, which is why the cases are in federal court in virginia. >> katherine, thank you. >>> now the crippling financial crisis in greece. a debt disaster, which is set off a ripple effect in markets around the globe. today president obama says the situation is of great concern. greece is asking the european union for a major bailout because leaders say it cannot meet a may 19 deadline to repay its debt. the credit agency standard & poor's downgraded greek bonds to junk status, the bonds which people purchased in great numbers are high risk of default. now there's concern the problem could pretty to portugal, spain and ireland. lehman brothers and bear stearns? remember? with us the host of news hub web show simon constable. the "wall street journal" owned by the parent company of this network. >> good to see you. >> sounds like they were covering their debt. >> cooking the books is what we call it. trying to hide how indebted they were and they were too indebt to be part of the euro zone and this could -- the pro
for women, tracing its roots back to the expansion of virginia public higher education system. while its name has evolved over the years, radford's commitment to academic excellence has never waivered. radford's beautiful 177 acre campus is located in the new river valley between the blue ridge and allegheny mountains. the university's home to nearly 8,000 undergraduates and over 1,000 graduate students. and these students have access to a diverse academic and curricular programs. the university's comprised of six undergraduate and one graduate college which offers 153 degree options. additionally, radford has also has 19 ncaa division i teams, 400 intramural sports teams, eafer over 200 clubs and organizations. recently radford was named one of the top up-and-coming schools in the nation by "u.s. news and world report" due to its promising and innovative changes it's made over the past few years. under the leadership of radford's sixth president, the university has consistently ranked among the best colleges and universities in the southeast region. such recognition shows the school's c
. then a third trial begins next month in the state of virginia for matthew mccabe, he faces the most serious charge, accused of roughing up the suspect, then lying about it. the detainee was the suspected mastermind of the murder-mutilation of four american contractors in fallujah. steve centanni is back on the story again today, live in washington. the latest about this trial is what today, steve, what can we expect? >> reporter: well, it is the second navy seal as you said, petty officer second class jonathan keefe of new yorktown, virginia, going on trial today. like the others he pleaded not guilty to the charges of dereliction of duty. well, the one charge against him. and in this case, that means he failed to protect the prisoner in his custody. keefe at first wanted a jury trial, but he's changed his mind on that and now his case will be heard only by a military judge and the case will be decided solely by that judge. keefe appeared in court wearing his navy uniform, seated between two attorneys, one civilian, one military. and he heard the testimony against him, including once again
. >>> president obama calling for thorough investigation in the deadly mine explosion in west virginia. federal investigators will arrive on site tomorrow. 29 miners were killed. today recovery crews are working to remove the body from the line. later this week, coal company executives will face question of mining safety before members of congress but no representative from massey energy, the owner of this particular mine where the explosion happened this week is scheduled to appear at the hearings on wednesday. >>> two down, one to go. astronauts were outside for spacewalk number two to replace a cooling tank on the international space station. a big week for space community. today marks the 40th anniversary of the launch of apollo 13, the mission which resulted in ruptured oxygen tank and the famous phrase "houston, we have a problem." and this thursday, there is a space summit in florida and president obama takes criticism over cancelling the back to the moon program. >>> the longtime home of the dallas cowboys football team is now a pile of rubble. [ explosion ] redskins fan chris wallace i
afghan policemen dead. >>> this could be a difficult day for the faculty at virginia tech. today marks the third anniversary that left 30 students and faculty dead. the gunman killed himself. several events are being held honoring the victims, including a candle light vigil. >>> hospitals will no longer be able to deny visitation rights to gay and lesbian partners. president obama has ordered the rule change for all hospitals that receive federal funds. it guarantees patients advanced directives such as who should make health care directives if the patient can't. >>> shelbyville, tennessee, world famous more tennessee walking horses. world infamous for an adoption that went wrong. >>> they were accused of try tog kidnap 33 haitian children. now, charges have been dropped against nine of the ten american missionaries. the nine previously released from jail returned to the u.s. the tenth missionary, group leader is still in jail. the americans said they were trying to take the young quake survivors to a better life. can you adopt a child enter russia now or not? russia's foreign ministry
-election is a major win for their cause. they mentioned the republican wins in new jersey and virginia and in massachusetts. so they are portraying this as a major win for the movement. obviously congressman bart stupak decided to step aside because he said for family and other reasons. they're saying this has reinvigorated the movement. >> all right. shannon travis for us with the tea party movement in buffalo, new york. appreciate it, thank you. what would america look like if the tea party supporters were in charge? we'll ask one next in the cnn newsroom. been true since the day i made my first dollar. where is that dollar? i got it out to show you... uhh... was it rather old and wrinkly? yeah, you saw it? umm fancy a crisp? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. like, why are my numbers too low? are you looking for answers? the accu-chek aviva system now has new tools to help you discover what your numbers mean and how the things you do are connected to your blood sugar patterns. [ sarah ] with this tool i can see how food affects my number
over to the news desk for another check of the headlines. >> we begin in virginia where 11 suspected somali pirates have been indicted. they're indicted for a -- the suspects were held on a military ship until thursday when they were flown to virginia to appear in federal court. >>> in utah a convicted murder has chosen to be put to death by firing squad instead of lethal injection. ronnie gardner has been on death row for 30 years. utah is the only one that offers the firing squad option. the judge accepted his choice and the execution is set for june. >>> doctors in barcelona, spain say they have performed the first ever face transplant in the world. they released the mri image of what the face looked like before the transplant. the surgery lasted a full 24 hours and 30 doctors took part in the operation. >>> sarah palin was in court friday, the former alaska governor testified in the trial of a college student accused of breaking into her e-mail account back in 2008. personal information in that account then wound up all over the internet. david kernell is charged in several accou
venture. in fact it only turned 50 this past week. it all began here in green bank, west virginia, in 1960. >> that was a time when astronomy had become very exciting because we were going to start exploring space, going to other planets. and always the prime question in the general public's mind is, well, it's for scientists. well, is there life out there and in particular is there intelligent life. >> reporter: a young scientist named frank drake turned a giant radio telescope sky ward and listened for signs of life in the universe. >> i became fascinated with the power of radio astronomy, the clusters of stars, of hydrogen in our galaxy. always in the back of my mind was the possibility that we might be able to use our radio telescopes to find intelligent life. >> reporter: today the scientists who work on the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, seti for sure, are still listening. when they aren't, their computers are. >> a good analogy is to say, we've scooped one glass of water out of all of the earth's oceans. we've examined that glass of water looking for fish. well, we haven'
are facing charges here in the u.s. security teams escorting the man into a federal courthouse in virginia where federal prosecutors filed charges against them. those charges include by was is i, plundering and assault. senior correspondent brian wilson joins us live from our washington newsroom. so, brian, how do these suspected pirates end up in virginia? >> well, jon, these alleged pirates made the mistake of tangling with two u.s. navy ships in two separate incidents not too far from the horn of africa. they apparently thought at the time and it's hard to believe that these were merchant ships. now, five of those were engaged in a squirmish with the uss nicholas which promptly sank their small boat and confiscated the mother ship. the other six shot at the amphibious docked landing ship april 10th about 380 miles off the coast. they were flown after being captured. for a while they had been held on ships at sea. norfolk was chosen because it is home port of the two ships. >> jon: why a military court. >> military are only dealing with members of al qaeda under the law. this is a sign t
at a law school in virginia, students brainstormed over whether their faith required them to adhere to a higher ethical standard than the profession itself requires. >> in addition to being lawyers, we're christians. and we have standards as christians we want to live up to. >> reporter: the signature activities of c.l.s. chapters are weekly bible studies, which, in addition to discussion of the text, usually include prayer and other forms of worship. would a student chapter of, say, b'nai br'th, a jewish anti- defamation league, have to admit muslims? >> the short answer is yes. >> reporter: a black student organization would have to admit white supremacists? >> it would. >> reporter: even if it means a black student organization is going to have to admit members of the ku klux klan? >> yes. >> reporter: you can see where that might cause some consternation? >> well, there's a spanish saying to the effect that "the thinnest of tortillas still has two sides," and the other side of that is that with any other regime, we would be forced, using public money, to subsidize the discrimina
young men from virginia turn up in pakistan on their way to the fatah. we continue to see a trickle of individuals, somalian ancestry heading to east africa. so while i think that we are doing well, you know, the nature of the threat is always changing. >> thank you. let's open it up now for comments and, questions from the floor. if speakers could please identify themselves and wait for the microphone. we have the first question here in the front row with raymond tanter. >> hi. ray tanter, georgetown university. ambassador benjamin, thank you for your service to our country and our outstanding presentation. i wondered, you tended to use the word violent extremism, words like islamist never came out of your mouth during your speech. and some people think that the obama administration has turned its back and not taken the war on terrorism, if may use that term, as seriously as the result of the fact that you don't talk about role of islam. reminds me of when rob litak led the way with term rogue state. rogue reg geem. madeleine albright said let's not use that term anymore. is the ch
of the ticketing practices. it's amazing. >>> when we come back, the mining accident in west virginia raising some more safety concerns. the congressman from the state's third district will tell us how the industry should react to this incident and other violations when "squawk box" comes right back. 00-345-2550 every online equity trade is now $8.95 tdd# 1-800-345-2550 no matter your account balance, how often you trade tdd# 1-800-345-2550 or how many shares... tdd# 1-800-345-2550 you pay what they pay what everyone pays: $8.95. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 and you still get all the help tdd# 1-800-345-2550 t you expect from schwab tdd# 1-800-345-2550 millions of investors. one price. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 at charles schwab... tdd# 1-800-345-2550 investors rule. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 are you ready to rule? >>> checking the dow futures right now, they indicate a lower open. not by much, though, if you were to include fair value. next, we set up the trading day. the treasury auction at 1:00 during "power lunch." what it's going to move for the dow's move toward 11,000. >>> and then west virginia congressman nic
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